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Monday, 27 April 2015


Last night I had a hard time falling asleep, my brain just wouldn't shut up, not because of regrets or anxiety, surprisingly – it was ready to explode with creative ideas. I had to make new lists of projects, goals and post ideas in my Wunderlist app at 2 a.m. Pain in the ass, I tell ya, but so inspiring, I fell asleep feeling almighty. Is this what inspiration is about? It'd better be.
bedding sheets flower pattern
bedtime sheets flower pillow and blanket
So one of the ideas my "almighty" brain came up with is Morning Management. Yes, it's about managing my morning routine. No, it's not a morning to-do list – it's more complex than that. In short, Morning Management is an extensive range of activities I need to incorporate in my life in order to start my every day off just right. Those activities and new habits include certain changes in diet, physical activity, proper rest and a hell of a lot of mental work – all to achieve a simple goal: wake up early and be a fully functional being from the beginning of each day.


  1. I am not a doctor and only know about my body and mind as much as I've learnt from practice and visits to the doctors.
  2. I am not a morning person, as you might have guessed. I'm an absolute night owl and the post concerning exactly that should be up next.
  3. This project is a new born baby come to life as a result of the above mentioned late night brain explosion. Do I have any idea if this is going to work?.. Still feel almighty.

As I've also stated it's not a to-do list of everything I need to do in the morning: it's gonna be a lot of work during the day, every day, practicing new stuff and adapting along the way. Just think for a minute, what makes a good morning? For me it's a good night's sleep, enough energy, nutritious breakfast, a clear plan of the day ahead and a treat. As you see, all those "diet, physical activity, proper rest and a hell of a lot of mental work" overlap and some changes will fit more than one category, so if "quit sugar" is related to the diet category, it's even more so to the mental balance.
Since the project implies changes in quite a few areas of life, I think I will divide the plan into the above mentioned categories and touch upon them in different posts. Also, I expect new ideas to come up along the way, so these lists are only a draft.
Ok, enough said.

Here goes the DIET PLAN.

  1. Quit sugar. No chocolate, sweets, biscuits, jam, packaged juice, etc. Allowed: honey, raw and dried fruits. Not only should it help me lose some weight and improve my acne-prone skin, but also reduce my anxiety and allow for a better sleep, thus making the whole project possible in the first place.
  2. Last meal before 8 p.m. Again, weight control and better sleep.
  3. Portion control. Portion control. Portion control.
  4. Cut down on tea, no tea in the evening. I only drink green tea, it's all good for you, but I've noticed that a cup of warm tea decreases my physical activity to zero and makes me feel so cozy and content that I decide not to do anything for a while. And I am done wasting time.
  5. Nutritious breakfast. Since I have issues with my pancreas, there's a very limited choice of what I'm allowed to put into my empty stomach, so I'll stick to the good old porridge and add figs or other dried fruit.

Side note: I already drink a lot of water, avoid precooked, canned and fast food, use olive oil instead of dressings, eat whole grain bread and don't consume dairy products. These are the basics and they are not enough.
And this is my desktop pic starting yesterday (click here to download full size):
#girlboss throw punches illustration diet
The illustration by Jo Ratcliffe for #GIRLBOSS
So this is the diet plan for the next... what's the time span? I bet for 6 weeks.
So this is the diet plan for the next 6 weeks! I’ll check in every week with updates, also new categories should be up soon.
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Slow and steady is the best way to overcome the resistance to change. (Happy for NoReason by Marci Shimoff)